We’re at the forefront of the hemp and cannabis industry with cutting-edge post-processing and wiped film distillation technology.

Prescott is passionate about maximizing the therapeutic potential of cannabis. That’s why we’re proud to provide an in-depth overview of the cannabis distillation process and offer solutions to simplify the deconstruction of the plant for mindful reconstruction in product formulation.

Prescott Logic Technologies P1000

We work with our partners to support custom processing and product development solutions, and we continuously innovate to optimize our processing equipment.

Our goal is to assist partners in delivering the purest, cleanest, and most standardized cannabis products to the North and South American and emerging European markets. If you’re passionate about cannabis, Prescott can help.


We help our partners develop customized processing solutions suited to their unique products. We acknowledge that there is no “one size fits all” approach to facility design and process flow.

We work with emerging and existing cannabis brands to provide strategic vision and technical/scientific support.

We design industry-leading distillation systems for maximum throughputs with an operator-focused approach.

We assist in full product formulation, helping you build your brand with a quality product assortment strategy.

Let’s work together on a shared vision of cannabis excellence!