Plant to Product Formulation

Reach your target markets with expert product formulations. 

From vape pens to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis tinctures and beyond, we’re passionate about helping cannabis producers develop a strategy to design safe and consistent products that work. And we’re here to provide technical support and branding advice to help your business grow.


We’re your cannabis formulation partner.

Prescott helps you stand out in the increasingly saturated cannabis marketplace. 

Our groundbreaking research and product development expertise can help you start strong as you build your cannabis brand. Prescott is here to help you discover your perfect formula for success. 

Find your vertical.

Whether it’s a state medical or adult-use market, pharmaceutical design, or over-the-counter products you can ship everywhere; we can help. 

We’re passionate about the science of cannabis.

That’s why we take great pride in our ability to deconstruct plants down to their bioactive molecules and formulate them into numerous product and product classes. We have the perfect balance for your products through combining industry-leading equipment and best-in-class formulation.

Each cannabis strain is unique.

Variation in terpenoid and flavonoid profiles, even within a single, genetically identical strain, has a direct impact on end-product flavors and aromas–impacting your consumers’ experience. 

We use our expertise to help your laboratory and staff develop effective formulation processes.

We work closely with our partners to determine appropriate compound ratios, creating products that offer consistent, high-quality results.

Cannabis Oil

Craft Extracts

We help distill desirable cannabinoid compounds for direct use in a range of consumer products.

Beverages/ Nanoemulsions

We formulate CBD and THC-infused beverages, combining distilled cannabinoids with great-tasting flavors.

Capsules and Gelcaps

We can create pharmaceutical-grade CBD and THC capsules for maximum efficiency in delivery.

Dry Formulations

We transform cannabis oil into dry, water-soluble powders that you can use in a variety of applications.

Metered-Dose Inhalers

We formulate inhaler solutions to provide fast, targeted relief with maximal bioavailability.

Transdermal Patches

We isolate desirable cannabinoids for use in patches that provide discrete, slow-release

Vaporizor Pens

We refine cannabinoids to help you formulate your ideal vaporizer blends, suitable for single-use pens and refillable cartridges.


We work with you to formulate cannabis-infused oils, lotions, and balms for localized relief.

Oromucosal Sprays

We create custom THC or CBD blends suitable for use in pharmaceutical-grade nasal spray.


We work with you to blend THC and CBD tinctures of any desired potency.

Pressed Tablets

We create dry capsules of decarbonized cannabis for potent, targeted dosage.

Targeted Formulations

We use technology to create targeted formulations for faster – or slower – onset times based on your customer’s needs and your product’s intended use.

Let’s create something great together.