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Prescott is your scientific advisor for all things cannabis.

We help maximize the therapeutic potential of plant extracts by providing you with an in-depth analysis of their deconstruction and reconstruction. We’re passionate about providing the support and knowledge needed to help small businesses grow and enable established cannabis companies to reach new professional heights.

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At Prescott, we’re dedicated to understanding the nuances of the consumer marketplace, helping you meet your users’ needs. We’ll work closely with your team to:

  • Create well researched, effective new product lines
  • Develop a marketing and product development strategy
  • Stand out from competitors with the consistency and reliability of your products
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Botanical cultivators throughout the cannabis industry strive to standardize grows with lights, nutrients, and genetic manipulation. 

We believe that processing is the most straightforward answer to eliminating the variation that still results from these grow processes, delivering a high level of standardization. Prescott’s approach to distillate processing makes it easier to: 

  • Identify and accommodate differences between strains critical to cannabinoid and terpene expression, developing an in-depth knowledge of plant genetics
  • Master refined techniques of extraction, distillation, and preparative chromatography 
  • Use high-level material processing to shift from medical to pharmaceutical-grade material
  • Develop truly standardized products, bringing actual value to the industry and your consumer base



The plant matter is exposed to the desired solvent, such as CO2, ethanol, water, butane, or propane, to create a waxy hash concentrate. Terpenes are captured with CO2.

Winterization & Filtration

A polar solvent is added to the extract and subjected to deep freeze to allow precipitation and filtration of waxes and lipids. Sub-micron filtration ensures the highest clarity in your final product.

Solvent Recovery

The resulting mixture is processed with falling film or rotary evaporation to remove polar solvent and create refined oil.


Energy is directed into the material, typically in heat, to ‘activate’ bioactive constituents (remove carboxylic COOH acid).

Short Path Distillation

‘Decarboxylated’ oil undergoes the process of thermal separation to create a purified distillate.

Preparative Chromatography

The resulting distillate is further purified into isolated cannabinoids to drive future product development.